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"My new best, most treasured teaching resource." E. Braman, PA.  

"If we want students to speak, then they need things to say!"  Sue Fenton, the author


♦  A bestseller with an exciting approach.It’s like a text for both Levels 1 and 2, but full of only conversational language...all ready to SAY!  Modeled sentences, questions, structures, idioms, vocabulary, etc. related to 66 Level 1 & 2 topics. The concept grew out of the author's classroom where she created the handouts becasue the text was "too slow" and she wanted her students to speak more. 

♦ intimidating grammar rules. No exceptions to remember. No need to figure out forms from charts. No fear of making mistakes!  The handouts are ready to let the students SPEAK!  And they are offered thousands of sentence patterns with choices to make self-expression more meaningful and realistic. Get studets comfortable SAYIING and learning it first; the gramnar fine-tuning can come later. 

CONTAINS:  1)   66 very thorough handouts on Level 1 and Level 2  topics   (from 1 to 4 pages each; single-spaced and packed.)


300 mood/situational expressions to use in class (4 pages,)  Te/Me gusta + 190 activities, a party (meeting, music, refreshments, pointing out people ,) inviting (activities, declining, accepting, & making the plans,) preterito and imperfecto tenses (bank robbery,) my stuff, YO (dozens of things about me,) restaurant ordering and food, 40-question interview (formal & familiar,) ir (going, going to places, places to go, questions about going, going to do, etc.,)  ser & estar, reflexives, conditional, object pronouns, born to shop, future, Cómo es + 172 adjectives, play chef with 100 ingredients,  Qué ​+ 84 nouns and 87adjectives, and so much more.

♦  A MUST-HAVE for any Level 1 and 2 classroo which has speaking as a priority.

♦  A  GOLDMINE and huge time-saver for teachers.


1)  Students use the conversational language on the handouts, follow modeled sentence patterns, and can even make substitutions.

2)  Students are exposed to FAR MORE language.

3)  Each RICH handout can be treated as a whole UNIT.

4)  Great for teaching new material, stimuli for paired speaking, student resources for preparing class skits or written projects.  A lot less running to dictionaries and writing funky Spanish.

5) No spoon feeding. Where a text might expose them to a dozen adjectives, the handout gives them over 150!  So many more choices!


1)  as a handout as a UNIT for teaching new structures, verbs, grammar, etc. Lots of examples.

2)  creating speaking-based written and speaking homework assignments

3)  for creating stimuli to use as a basis for paired conversations

4)  a wealth of resources that students collect and keep attached in their binders. They can use the material in their class presentations, skits, in homework and on projects – and the French will be correct.

5)  setting up class simulations (stores,

6)  as a motivating tool for speaking (interest, proficiency, fluency.)  Students will be thrilled at how much access they have to spoken French. They will be excited at how much French they are learning and saying.


 Spiral-bound        8 1/2" x 11"

110 pages 







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“Sue - Creativity just pours from you! I feel so inspired & challenged by your ideas & philosophy of teaching…a pleasure to host you! ” Heather Tarpley, Former Treasurer, AATF, AR


"I have used 'Madame Fifi' products for years with great success."  Angela Shropshire, Boiling Springs, SC

"…Sue Fenton makes it easy to have your students speaking in the target language because she gives you everything to get started. Selena Shade Jimenez,  AP reviewer 

"Madame Fifi's teaching materials bring vitality and authenticity to the language classroom. Her creative approach...with an emphasis on oral communication will...have (students) using the target language immediately." J. Powell, NJ

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