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Turn your classroom into a Spanish comic strip and get students excited about talking! A comic strip is a terrific metaphor for speaking. Each set of Babblin' Bubbles cards has 24 cards, all with a different cute or funny illustration in color on them to help students remember them. Hang the cards from the ceiling to teach or remind students of conversational Spanish. The expressions were specially selected for their potential usefulness, considering what students would be most inclined to need or want to be able to say. Give students confidence to speak with options hanging just a glance away above them. There is a sheet with the expressions and meanings to give the students for support.

SET 4:   QUESTION CUES      24 question starters /reminders /options for classroom conversations a glance away just above the students

LEVEL:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Examples:  ¿Quieres __? Te gusta(n) __? Qué te pica? ¿Puedes cantar? ¿Qué onda? ¿Adónde vas? ¿Sabes qué __? ¿Cómo es __? ¿Prefieres _ o _? ¿Has visto __? Eres-tú __? and more with variations and approaches for answering them

The versatile cards may be used:

1. as comic strip dialog bubbles that hang from the ceiling to support speaking

2. to teach Spanish expressions and phrases

3. to give students a visible repertoire (reminders) of things they can say

4. as flash cards

5. a class set of speaking activity cards

6. as small posters 4 Different Sets Are Available.

Each set includes:

▪ 24 color expression bubbles printed on 8 ½” x 11” glossy cardstock

▪ a sheet of all 24 expressions and meanings (for students)

▪ a sheet of notes, including at least 40 variations (for students)

▪ instructions for hanging and uses

CARD:  24 cards,  color, glossy cardstock

PRICE: $28.95

Other sets available: Set 1 Politeness, Set 2 Classroom, Set 3  Fun Expressions

SPECIAL PRICE: All 4 sets may be purchased at a savings for $99.



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