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NOW AVAILABLE! THE ULTIMATE BOOK FOR BOOSTING SPEAKING! THEATER, SPEECH CLASS, LANGUAGE ARTS, and the ENTIRE SCHOOL CURRICULUM! Sue Fenton, M Ed, Speaking Specialist (author, 17 years promoting speaking in world language classes; workshops, keynotes)

"5 stars. I love my new Quick Prompts book! There are so many excellent activities and very useful advice on how to structure speaking activities. I love the idea of the 30 (second)speaking limit. I can't wait to use this with my students!" Andrea Candida Henderson, TX

A Professional Development Workshop to put more speaking in the whole school curriculum is available!


1) maximize speaking skills for everyone

2) teach everyone to think on their feet (and improve cognitive analytical skills)

3) build confidence speaking to empower people for life: in school, at home, in business dealings, with friends, and in public contexts

4) speaking: academic, social (out in the world), personal/creative (self-expression)


1) 4,000+ serious to funny prompts for monologues & talking by twos (great for group discussions, too) for as little as 30 seconds (or more)

2) prompts may be used for writing, listening, or homework, too

3) over 70 categories; strategies and procedures

4) how to create custom speaking prompts for the content of any subject

5) ways to easily add short speaking tasks all through the lesson

6) the steps to effective talking by twos 6) a chapter on speeches with checklists for preparing and presenting speeches (some teachers may lack this training)

7) 100's of prompts on 15 types of speeches

8) a chapter on Common Core speaking (focus on discussions, media, etc.)

9) how to acclimate students to speaking on a regular basis until its second nature; teach the procedures and watch them soar!

SAMPLES OF THE 70 CATEGORIES: (bursting with 1,000's of prompts) Problem solving, collaboration, storytelling, improvisation, brainstorming, stand-up comedy, negotiating, questioning, monologue topics, giving advice, speculating, imagination, excuses, apologies, true confessions, keynotes, wacky instructions, skits, debates, opinions, imagine that, introductions, hit or myth, expository speaking, opinions, role play cue sheet, personification, on the job chats, goofy commercials, description snapshots, compare & contrast, acceptance speeches, instructional speeches, etc.


Coil bound    156 pages


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“Sue - Creativity just pours from you! I feel so inspired & challenged by your ideas & philosophy of teaching…a pleasure to host you! ” Heather Tarpley, Former Treasurer, AATF, AR


"I have used 'Madame Fifi' products for years with great success."  Angela Shropshire, Boiling Springs, SC

"…Sue Fenton makes it easy to have your students speaking in the target language because she gives you everything to get started. Selena Shade Jimenez,  AP reviewer 

"Madame Fifi's teaching materials bring vitality and authenticity to the language classroom. Her creative approach...with an emphasis on oral communication will...have (students) using the target language immediately." J. Powell, NJ

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